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A New Accessory by Snug Studio: The Geometric Necklace

I’m adding to my accessories collection with this necklace made by SnugStudio.  I’ve been eyeballing it for awhile now and recently received it as a gift from Mike.  I love the simple geometric design.  Sadly, the chain broke the first day I wore this.  I don’t think it’s cut out for a mama’s life – always hustling and bustling.  But not to worry.  I pulled out my jewelry tools and repaired it.  And it’s back in rotation.  In fact, I’m already wondering which one I should pick up next

Have You Heard of Warby Parker Yet?

1)Tenley  2)Finn  3)Monroe  4)Fillmore  5)Colton

I’ve been having some fun around here – free fun (fits perfectly within my budget, right?!).  Warby Parker fun.

The lenses in my current frames are so old that when I put them on I have to squint to see anything.  It’s time for a new pair of lenses and to mix things up, I think a new pair of frames are due as well.

Enter Warby Parker, the awesomest site ever. All frames are $95 AND if you have pretty normal vision, lenses are included in that price!  Wow.  Sadly, I need high-index lenses (when I’m not wearing glasses or contacts everyone and everything is reduced to moving blob status).  So I’ll have to pick up my lenses at Costco ($125).

But wait – the best part here?  Warby Parker will send you up to five of their frames to try on at home (for free).  You play around in them for five days and then send them back (free shipping too).

The frames were fantastic.  Durable, super-cool, unique from what you’ll find in your average frames store and budget-friendly!!

Now, the hard part!  Picking out my favorites.  I’m going to place another order soon to try on my favorite frames in all of their colors.  And then hopefully I’ll be able to choose.  I’m leaning towards the quirky but loveable Monroe frame.

Huge, giant thanks to the checker at Trader Joes for letting me in on his little style secret.

And an even bigger thanks to my little darling for helping me take my pictures today!

My New Green Jacket

I found this jacket on my San Diego trip.  Isn’t it the best color green ever?!  Not only am I making a rare appearance in my new Steve Madden ankle boots (without socks even – brrr) I also managed to paint my nails.  And there you have it.

Green | Everybody, Everywear

Changing Gears: Heading South

As part of my plan to make living on the verygreyoregoncoast do-able, I’ve scheduled a mid-winter trip outta here.  This week I’m heading to San Diego to visit a friend.  I’m on a mission to buy some Mexican Vanilla and see the sun and eat some great food.  And I hear the thrift stores in SD are pretty cool too so I’m hoping to bring back a few new items for my wardrobe.

So that I don’t waste any time or get distracted, I’ve started to compile a list of items I’ll be looking for.

Black Skinny Jeans

Printed Tunic Top

Leather Ankle Boots

Aztec Turquoise Jewelry

Aztec Print Bag

I’m hoping to bring you along on my visit with pictures of my adventures.  Stay tuned!

This is How I Do It: Shopping on a Budget

I love a good find as much as the next person.  I love taking something that someone no longer wants and giving it purpose again.  And I love doing it for next-to-nothing.

Which is why I do most of my wardrobe shopping at the Goodwill Outlet aka The Bins.

It’s taken a bit of getting used to.  You never know what you’ll find. Broken mugs, mysterious smells, dirty socks. I wear gloves, the girls aren’t allowed to touch anything and you have to get into a zone to look through all that mess.

But I’ve also found all of my favorite jeans, unique shoes, a few vintage purses and brand name tops here.  As I scroll through my blog and look at photos, nearly every item I have on was found at the Bins.

You can’t beat $0.89/lb.

Cart full of awesome things = $30

As my brother-in-law likes to point out, “When it comes to fashion, you either have money or you have time.”

Jumping Up and Down + a Little Squealing


Yup, this is what I do when I get a piece of surprise mail.  Jump up and down and squeal (sometimes I don’t squeal, I simply “oooooo” and grin like an idiot all the way back into the house).  I LOOOOVE getting mail.  Even as a child, I was always on the lookout for the mailman to deliver our mail.  Opening up the mailbox to find a surprise in it?  Best moment of the day.

So, you can imagine all the squealing and ooooo-ing that happened when I received a package from an overseas friend.

And when I found two awesome headband’s inside?  Super.

The cool thing about the animal print headband is that it’s actually a piece of wire covered by fabric.  So you throw that on your head, give it a twist and it won’t move.  It will hold it’s totally chic shape all day long.

My friend saw this post and thought she’d send me some head gear over to try out.  You bet I’ll be sporting these headbands soon.

PS.  See that adorable gift card?  My friend is not only generous she is talented too!  Check out her gift tags here.


Regret and Lesson Learned

Back when I first started this little adventure of mine, I went out and bought a few things just to practice buying cool things.  Does anyone else do this?

I bought this super sweet blazer.

And then I was totally doubting the purchase because the color was so bright and the fit wasn’t perfect.  So I took it back.

And now everywhere I see super hip blazers just like this one!  Nuts.




And last week this awesome how-to-fit-a-blazer tutorial came through on my Reader.  My blazer would been perfect to practice on.

Lesson here?  Go with the gut.  Trust your instinct.  Red blazers are so-dang-cool!

Dear Diary: Glad that’s over with!

Whoops!  I disappeared for a few days.  Shopping and vacationing and getting inspired makes for a very busy week.  How about a quick recap on all that I learned in the last week or so.

Shopping – While I don’t love it, I’m totally getting the hang of it!  Psyching myself up to try on outfit after outfit really does help.  Remembering that I’m on a journey, not a quick-fix here, helps keep my head down and focused.  “Practice makes perfect” is the understatement of my life right now.

Vacationing – Now that’s something I’m good at.  Favorite place I spent my mornings at: Sips.

Mt Hood is behind me: glorious and gigantic and covered with clouds.

Inspiration – Just got back from a personal growth retreat in Seattle.  The coolest statement I heard all day?  “Successful people form the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”  Want my notes?  Let me know – I’m sharing them.

Today is Halloween (I’m horribly anti-candy for kids so we won’t be participating this time around – I know, I know – so sad for my poor deprived Littles).  And tomorrow the month of November arrives.  So much to learn, so much to explore.  Hope you’ll join me!


Dear Diary: The only way to change, is to change

My husband and I are spending four days in Portland without the kids.  The plan?  Spend time with friends, eat lots of happy hour meals (cuz we’re cheap) and shop.  The shopping part is for me.  I’m supposed to be doing this style adventure thingy and the best place to really get into it is by shopping.  Right? Oh boy.

After spending a few hours at the Rack and leaving with nothing but a few pairs of undies, I marvel that I would even attempt to understand style.  Here’s a little inside tip about me.  I am one big extreme.  I want to eat a vegan diet just as much as I believe in the benefit of traditional foods.  I want to work full-time outside of the home just as much as I want to be a stay-at-home-mama.  I want to be in the middle of fashion trends and present a unique style just as much as I absolutely hate shopping and spending money and trying clothes on. I exhaust myself.

But.  My 32nd year is all about doing things differently.  The only way to change, is to change – right?

I spent the evening trying on tops and skirts and shorts and jeans and I didn’t like a single thing.  Well, that’s not true.  I think I lit up when I finally found the plain t-shirt rack.  But I’m trying to do things a touch differently this time around.  So I walked on by.

Standing in the fitting room all I could think of was how badly I wished Stacy London and Clinton Kelly could be there shouting at me and tossing their hair around and shouting about all my bad choices and just telling me what to do!

But, Mike ended the evening by saying he was proud of me for taking more than three items into the fitting room.  And he thought it was great that I was trying to learn a new skill.  And he reminded me that ten years ago I was afraid of cooking and planning meals and swore I couldn’t do it and now?   Now, I’ve got the cooking thing down.

So if I just stick it out and get uncomfortable, then soon I’ll be in a place of comfort.  I’ll understand things like proportion and color and fit and textile and and and.  Soon.  Hopefully real soon because I’m not sure if I can face another fitting room.

Find Your Favorite Look

I’m adding this cool website to my arsenal for when I need a little direction:  ASOS Fashion Finder

This could be fun!

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