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Learning about style didn’t make me a fashionista

When I started this project I thought as a result, I would become more trendy, more on top of current fashion.  I tested that out a bit but as far as I could get was obsessively following fashion blogs and magazines.  And after obsessively following these blogs, I’d end up in an emotional exhausted heap realizing that I just couldn’t keep up, nor did I really want to.  Since fashion sense doesn’t seem to come naturally and I don’t have the dollars to pay someone to drum it up for me, I could only chase after these things.  At the end all I manged was a lot of comparing myself to others.  That’s it.  I didn’t come close to mastering the arm party and didn’t end up with one pair of ultra-trendy shoes.  Boo.

Trying to be someone else is tiresome.  It took me awhile but I’m grateful I finally figured that one out.  It’s me or nothing, folks.


Learning about style didn’t make me any cooler

Spending the last 11 months learning about style has taught me a lot about myself.  But it also didn’t do a few things.  First up?  Blogging about style didn’t make me any cooler.

I’ll admit it – I’m always on the lookout for ways to be a little more cool.  In fact, I’ve always had a mental list floating around in my mind about things that aren’t and things that are – cool.  I’ll keep the list private just in case my “not cool” things happen to be someone’s “cool” things.  You never know.

But I was really hoping I’d get a little cooler, more hip, more together by learning about style.  Nah – didn’t happen.  No one, not one person, came up to me over the course of this experiment to comment on my increasing cool-factor.

So I’m not the coolest girl on the block.  But I’ve come to realize that “cool” is what other people might label me as and I’d really rather be the one to define me.  I don’t want to work so hard to have someone else maybe or maybe not give me the thumbs up of approval.  Eh, too much effort there.  And more seriously, it’s not the way life should be lived.

So I didn’t become a super-hip-master but I’m starting to shake the need for that approval from others.  Not bad.

It’s Official: Wear More Skirts and Dresses Today

On the few occasions that I do, and hopefully there will be more, here are a few reasons why I love wearing skirts and dresses:

  • Think Maria from West Side Story, I Feel Pretty.  Right?!  Witty, bright and charming.  Somehow I doubt that’s translated to the rest of the world but it is what’s inside that counts, right?
  • I just discovered a sports saying that goes like this, “Look good, feel good, play good.”  This happens when I dress up my look with a skirt or dress.  I think it’s gonna be my new motto.
  • Since I rarely wear a skirt or dress (I’m working like crazy to change this) right now it’s a total challenge to make a skirt work.  Challenge is difficult.  Difficult things help me grow as a person.  Even though it’s just a silly piece of fabric, it’s become yet another vehicle in self-discovery.  A little ridiculous, a little awesome.

Don’t you agree that there is something special about wearing a skirt or dress?  I’m not totally in left field here, am I?  In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if the world could be changed a bit with a few less pairs of pants in it.  Well that and a whole lot more love (but that’s another blog post, ya think?)

Why do you like wearing skirts or dresses?

A Visit to the Library

A book was recently recommended and is currently on it’s way to me now (thanks Julia and Paperback Swap!).  D.V. by Diana Vreeland.  I’ll be sure to report back soon!

Have You Seen It Yet? Pardon My French by Garance Dore

I just found this and had to share it immediately!  I’m hooked and if you enjoy fashion and style I’m certain you will be too…

This is How I Do It: Shopping on a Budget

I love a good find as much as the next person.  I love taking something that someone no longer wants and giving it purpose again.  And I love doing it for next-to-nothing.

Which is why I do most of my wardrobe shopping at the Goodwill Outlet aka The Bins.

It’s taken a bit of getting used to.  You never know what you’ll find. Broken mugs, mysterious smells, dirty socks. I wear gloves, the girls aren’t allowed to touch anything and you have to get into a zone to look through all that mess.

But I’ve also found all of my favorite jeans, unique shoes, a few vintage purses and brand name tops here.  As I scroll through my blog and look at photos, nearly every item I have on was found at the Bins.

You can’t beat $0.89/lb.

Cart full of awesome things = $30

As my brother-in-law likes to point out, “When it comes to fashion, you either have money or you have time.”

Aging Doesn’t Have to be so Serious

What I love about the ladies I photograph is that age has allowed them a renewed sense of freedom.Their rule, is that there are no rules.They dress for themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin.That’s not to say that they would all dye their hair pink or don eccentric accessories. They do what is right for them and wear what makes them feel good. -Ari Seth Cohen, creator of Advanced Style

Advanced Style never fails to inspire me.  We only have one life to live, right?  Best to live it the way we truly want to.

**PS.  Ageing and Aging are both correct ways of writing the word.  Thanks sis for asking.

Week 10 with Pinterest + a Few Fav’s

Momma, it's a bit windy.

This week’s favorite finds on Pinterest!

A noteworthy giveaway:

Favorite post this week:

Favorite look:

Awesomest Etsy shop (yes, pretty, pretty please):

  • GoodKnits – gorgeous doily blankets.  Makes me think of my great-grandmother sitting in her chair crochet-ing away. (Thanks to Cakies for tipping me off – probably my favorite lifestyle blog right now)

Attempting to Accessorize: Wrist Cuff

Check that cool cuff out!  I picked this up a few weeks ago at Forever 21.  It’s been sitting and sitting and sitting in my drawer.  I love the size of it but because it’s so large (or maybe just because I’m so dang inexperienced) it’s been hard to figure out how and when to wear it.

Luckily, I managed to get the “how” part down.  Around my wrist.  Phew, that was easier than I thought.

The “when” part?  That evening I wore a black sweater with dark blue jeans and my Frye Harness boots.  I’m guessing here, but I figured since my outfit was super simple and without much detail, the cuff would do it’s job to provide an element of detail to my look.

Style: What I’ve Learned so Far

It’s been about 8 weeks since I got all official with my quest for style.  The time has dragged for me (sometimes it’s just not easy to learn something new) but the time I’ve spent has been well worth it.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Nothing compares to the absolute genius of finding a good tailor.  All of a sudden things fit perfectly!  And if you are a thrift shopper like me, it’s even better.  Take that $10 blazer and add about $12-15 of tweaking here and there and {wa-la} a blazer that fits better than a J. Crew’s $188 Schoolboy Blazer ever would.
  • Actually trying things on in the dressing room instead of giving them a glance and tossing them back onto the rack.  Life changing.
  • Accessories is where it’s all at.  Turn that super-comfy-but-totally-boring t-shirt and jeans into something with personality by tossing on a necklace, wearing the right belt and hoofing it in awesome shoes (all works in progress for me).
  • Patience.  Understanding something doesn’t happen overnight.  Truly learning a skill takes motivation, habit and…patience.

Here’s what I still want to learn (keeping it at three things cuz dang the list is long):

  • Proportion.  I see this word everywhere and for a slow learner petite lady like myself, it could be quite handy.
  • Color.  I don’t instantly see how colors work together.  I’m still uncertain about most things I pair.  Understanding color relationship might just give me a little much-needed assistance.
  • Fun, Risk, Creativity.  Okay, that’s more then three but I had to.  Like I’ve said about Beth at B. Jones Style or the way my sister dresses – half the time it doesn’t matter whether I like what they’ve got on.  The obvious fun they have with their clothing outweighs everything.  That.  I’ve got to learn it.

8 weeks down and 44 to go.

You learn something every day if you pay attention. – Ray LeBlond

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