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Friday’s Style Finds

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For today, let’s just play around on Pinterest for some style inspiration.

This dress pattern is super. I'd like to draft up something similar.


Don't you just love this simple look? I think I could wear this every single day and be very happy. The perfect uniform!



And this look is so perfectly Northwest - no matter what season it's always best to leave home with many layers.



These shoes are cool. Very cool.


What fun things have you found on Pinterest lately?


Top 5 Must Have Necklaces

I had a spare moment this afternoon (those are rare!) so I eagerly hopped onto Etsy for a little window shopping. Which one should I get?!

Changing Gears: Heading South

As part of my plan to make living on the verygreyoregoncoast do-able, I’ve scheduled a mid-winter trip outta here.  This week I’m heading to San Diego to visit a friend.  I’m on a mission to buy some Mexican Vanilla and see the sun and eat some great food.  And I hear the thrift stores in SD are pretty cool too so I’m hoping to bring back a few new items for my wardrobe.

So that I don’t waste any time or get distracted, I’ve started to compile a list of items I’ll be looking for.

Black Skinny Jeans

Printed Tunic Top

Leather Ankle Boots

Aztec Turquoise Jewelry

Aztec Print Bag

I’m hoping to bring you along on my visit with pictures of my adventures.  Stay tuned!

Week 10 with Pinterest + a Few Fav’s

Momma, it's a bit windy.

This week’s favorite finds on Pinterest!

A noteworthy giveaway:

Favorite post this week:

Favorite look:

Awesomest Etsy shop (yes, pretty, pretty please):

  • GoodKnits – gorgeous doily blankets.  Makes me think of my great-grandmother sitting in her chair crochet-ing away. (Thanks to Cakies for tipping me off – probably my favorite lifestyle blog right now)

He Said, She Said: Debra Rapoport

It’s worth trying anything on because you never know until you try it on. – Debra Rapoport

You already know I hate taking the time to try things on.  But, guess what?!  It’s changing.  Last week, I took so many things into the dressing room.  And while I didn’t buy any of those things (sorry, sales peeps) I did see a lot that worked and that I liked and I realized I’m starting to get something down.  Not sure what.  But something is starting to make a little bit more sense.

My favorite line Debra says at the thrift store?  When she puts back the glitzy top saying, “It’s too real.  It’s not fun enough.”  True words to live by.

One of my favorite blogs has got to be Advanced Style.  In nearly all matters, those that have lived longer then me have wisdom worth listening to.  And in matters of style, the same goes.

Week 7 with Pinterest

This week’s favorite finds on Pinterest!

Super cool fur vest.  I’m seeing fur everywhere and even picked myself up a version!


Now she looks cozy.  And cute!  Just the look I’m going for… 🙂


Ooo, scarves in the hair.  I don’t have a clue how to do this and I don’t have a scarf.  Better add these to my to-do list!


I’m so not ready for winter yet.  But everyone in the blog world is wearing awesome winter coats.  It’s time to face reality and pick one up… Oh, and the cropped sweater?  Yes please.


Week 6 with Pinterest

This week’s favorite finds on Pinterest (gosh, I love that site…).

I’m slowly building this look here.  Knitting the hat right now!  Looking for the baggy sweater…


Trying this look today!  I think I might even practice that awesome sassy look.


Where do I find these shoes?  Cuz I love ’em!

(no link avail)

Saw these awesome fingerless mittens at Nordstroms for $48!  Nah, I’m gonna make my own.


Of all the jewelry organizers I found, this one is the coolest.  I need something to hold my growing collection of accessories!


For the rest of this week’s collection, visit my pinterest.

Week 3 with Pinterest

A little something for your weekend browsing.  Each week I’ll use Pinterest to track the styles that catch my eye.  Check out last week’s Style Board here.

Some of this week’s top favorites (for links to the images, visit my pinterest page):

I liked the above look so much that when I saw the yellow bag at Ross (below), I picked it up.  I’m still not sure how well it works but it sure does make me happy.  I count that as a “score”.  Nothing says Betsy like a cheerful, bright yellow bag.

Oh…Deer! Red Sole Shoes For Sale

Gasp!  Look at what I found the other day hiding out at a local thrift store.  A pair of Oh…Deer! red sole shoes.  4 1/2″ heels, size 8 (research tells me that these seem to run a 1/2 size small), genuine leather, my friends, and in the most amazing shape.  Except…

Light scuffs on the bottom and the number 13 on the bottom – ugh.  So, so sad.  Maybe a little red paint would cover that right up?

These delightful, sexy pumps are a tad too large for me so I’m passing them on.  They can be yours and are being sold here.

Week 2 with Pinterest

Each week I’ll use Pinterest to track the styles that catch my eye.  Check out my Week Two Style Board here.

Some of the week’s top favorites:

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