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How to Spring Clean Your Closet and Why You Should

I ran into this excellent little post about style and spring-cleaning your closet.  Not only does the writer offer suggestions on how to clean your closet, she offers a great perspective on why you should regularly re-visit your wardrobe:

I think my wardrobe should be a reflection of my style and my aesthetic judgment. Every item that I don’t really like or that just doesn’t look good on me, is tainting that reflection a little bit…

Things in excess, even seemingly trivial ones like clothes, are burdensome and stress us out. This effect is amplified for people who are into fashion and see it as a means of self-expression: for us a closet filled with clothes that aren’t our style is literally restraining our ability to express ourselves. So, less is more. Or more is more. It’s fine if your closet is close to bursting, as long as everything in there reflects your style. –Anushka Rees

I like that the writer is merging practicality (cleaning out spaces that quickly get filled with excess) with personal growth (taking a moment to re-examine where you are and who you are – it’s an evolving process).

Maybe this week I’ll take some time to go through my closet and purge the items that don’t really reflect me.  Who knows what the process might teach me.  Any one care to join me?  I’d love to hear about (by the way, I love hearing from you).


A Visit to the Library

A book was recently recommended and is currently on it’s way to me now (thanks Julia and Paperback Swap!).  D.V. by Diana Vreeland.  I’ll be sure to report back soon!

Have You Seen It Yet? Pardon My French by Garance Dore

I just found this and had to share it immediately!  I’m hooked and if you enjoy fashion and style I’m certain you will be too…

Take the First Step

Imagine my surprise when I made my daily visit over to Delightfully Tacky and found a few notes about my journey up on her site.  Talk about affirming!

Reading through the comments left by her readers I noticed a recurring theme – the desire to step outside of one’s comfort zone.  We see the benefit of doing it but making that first step can be so difficult.

What is that one thing you really want to do but just haven’t yet?  Style?  Learning to cook?  Traveling?  Writing a book?  Take that first step.  Just do it.  Buy a fashion magazine and pick out one outfit to try this month.  Find a new recipe to try (it’s okay if it doesn’t taste good, try another one).  Apply for your passport.  Write down anything that comes to mind – a book begins with a single sentence.  Just one.

Someone recently shared a story with me.  He wanted to climb a giant mountain (one of the tallest in the world).  He prepared for years.  When he finally got to the base of the mountain he found he couldn’t move. He was paralyzed with thoughts of not being able to summit the mountain.  A friend came alongside him and asked him, “Which step are you concerned about?”  He realized the first step was easy.  So he took it.  Then he considered the next step and realized he could take that one too.  And on and on he went until he reached the top of the mountain.

And so can you.  It only takes one step to get outside of your comfort zone.  Go for it.

**Many thanks to Elizabeth.  I was so encouraged by your thoughts.  You made some lovely observations that I’m still thinking about!

EBEW: Black and White

I’m busy.  I’ve got three people in my home that I need to take care of with love.  I’ve got school work and blogs and a business to run and books to read.  I’ve got nutritious food to prepare, a house to keep livable, friends to visit and more books to read…

So, when someone just tells me what to wear and saves me the trouble of figuring it out all on my own, I go for it.

Today over at Everybody, Everywhere the challenge is to put on the black and white duds.  I’m at the point in my style education where I realize black and white needs a little something.  Enter my very cool vintage strand of glass beads.  Mercy, these things are super.  When I enter a shiny room, the walls are instantly covered with tiny little rainbows. Now that’s a great start to any day.

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

My Top 5 Style Lessons Learned in 2011

I started my style adventure in the last part of 2011 but I managed to squeeze in a handful of lessons learned (It wasn’t really hard, I have SOOOO much to learn).

  1. It’s all about the accessories.
  2. Dressing up improves my sense of self.
  3. It’s if not fun, it’s not worth it.
  4. The dressing room is not my enemy.
  5. Stepping out of my comfort zone is life-changing.

Let me detail those for ya:

  1. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, belts, headbands.  Just like a sprig of mint completes an entree by adding color, texture and taste so the added touch of a necklace, pair of earrings or belt completes a look, tying everything together.
  2. I used to dress up so others would think well of me.  Now I dress up because of how well I think of myself.  Yes, sweatpants are comfortable and UGG’s are convenient but they don’t exactly make me feel productive.  When I first began this challenge, I lived in sneakers, tank tops and hoodies.  I don’t anymore.
  3. Fun is essential.  And for me, any method of learning can be enjoyable (sooner or later).  However, sometimes it’s hard to head out the door in an outfit I think is fun because someone else might think it’s weird.  But I’ve learned that style is an outward expression of who I am inside.  I’ve got a handful of personality traits that people don’t care for and I’m okay with that, right?  So should it be with the items I put on.  It’s who I am and I wear them for me.  Simple as that.  (Waaaayyyy easier said than done).
  4. Oh Dressing Room, how I used to despise you.  Taking clothes off just to put them back on just to take them off again rooms too warm and making me sweaty clothes that are too big because I am too short clothes that are too small because I am in Forever 21 sales employees hovering outside my door trying to help price tags with numbers too high.  But that has all changed.  The dressing room is where I can experiment and observe and learn.  Before hitting up a dressing room?  Eat well, drink lots of water and bring a good attitude.  This is supposed to be fun!
  5. And the biggest lesson in all of this so far?  The personal growth I’ve experienced in pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I have taken chances, admitted that I didn’t know everything (that’s actually a big one for me), and I’ve asked myself to not give up no matter how silly this whole challenge has seemed.  Whether the motivation is style or world peace, stepping outside of my comfort zone offers challenge and personal growth that I’m proud of.

I’ve got a growing list of things still to learn but looking back only increases my excitement to keep learning.  Here’s to the next year of my style adventure!

How to Tell Your Friend Her Outfit Doesn’t Look Good

This silly video created by The Girls with Glasses Show is the perfect example of why I love shopping with women so much.  I overhear this exact conversation in the dressing rooms all the time.

Women just know how to let you down gently when something doesn’t look right.  Thanks to the way a women communicates, it’s not me it’s the outfit that just doesn’t measure up to my amazing beautiful-ness.

Aren’t girlfriends just great?


Attempting to Accessorize: Wrist Cuff

Check that cool cuff out!  I picked this up a few weeks ago at Forever 21.  It’s been sitting and sitting and sitting in my drawer.  I love the size of it but because it’s so large (or maybe just because I’m so dang inexperienced) it’s been hard to figure out how and when to wear it.

Luckily, I managed to get the “how” part down.  Around my wrist.  Phew, that was easier than I thought.

The “when” part?  That evening I wore a black sweater with dark blue jeans and my Frye Harness boots.  I’m guessing here, but I figured since my outfit was super simple and without much detail, the cuff would do it’s job to provide an element of detail to my look.

Take the ModCloth Style Quiz

What better way to spend your weekend then with a style quiz!  I found this over at ModCloth and thought, what the heck?!  I’m new at this whole style business so I better take the quiz and see if I discover anything new about myself.

The quiz took just a minute or two to complete.  I tallied up the answers and the margins were close, but the clear winner was “d” – the cape coat.  My first thought was, “heck no!”  But I ran straight over to Pinterest to see what I could see and I think I’m convinced that the cape coat is for me.  Check these out.




Style: What I’ve Learned so Far

It’s been about 8 weeks since I got all official with my quest for style.  The time has dragged for me (sometimes it’s just not easy to learn something new) but the time I’ve spent has been well worth it.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Nothing compares to the absolute genius of finding a good tailor.  All of a sudden things fit perfectly!  And if you are a thrift shopper like me, it’s even better.  Take that $10 blazer and add about $12-15 of tweaking here and there and {wa-la} a blazer that fits better than a J. Crew’s $188 Schoolboy Blazer ever would.
  • Actually trying things on in the dressing room instead of giving them a glance and tossing them back onto the rack.  Life changing.
  • Accessories is where it’s all at.  Turn that super-comfy-but-totally-boring t-shirt and jeans into something with personality by tossing on a necklace, wearing the right belt and hoofing it in awesome shoes (all works in progress for me).
  • Patience.  Understanding something doesn’t happen overnight.  Truly learning a skill takes motivation, habit and…patience.

Here’s what I still want to learn (keeping it at three things cuz dang the list is long):

  • Proportion.  I see this word everywhere and for a slow learner petite lady like myself, it could be quite handy.
  • Color.  I don’t instantly see how colors work together.  I’m still uncertain about most things I pair.  Understanding color relationship might just give me a little much-needed assistance.
  • Fun, Risk, Creativity.  Okay, that’s more then three but I had to.  Like I’ve said about Beth at B. Jones Style or the way my sister dresses – half the time it doesn’t matter whether I like what they’ve got on.  The obvious fun they have with their clothing outweighs everything.  That.  I’ve got to learn it.

8 weeks down and 44 to go.

You learn something every day if you pay attention. – Ray LeBlond

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