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Let me clarify things a bit…

I love honest people.  I love people that tell you, “Nope, you are wrong”.  I don’t hear it enough (and I’m certain it should be said more often to me) so when someone has the courage to tell me I’m wrong, I just want to hug them.  Well, I want to hug them after the initial shock of being told I’m wrong wears off.

Mike told me recently that he didn’t like my last few posts.  He didn’t feel they were accurate.  He felt like I communicated that nothing about me had changed.  Like my outward appearance is still the same as when I started and that just isn’t true.  As if my original goal of learning about style and applying it to my every day, failed.

As I went about making dinner I thought over what he said and I think he is right.  I made it sound like I didn’t learn anything about fashion and style.  That I had some inner growth and that was it.  Which is okay because inner growth is more important than looking good when you leave the house, right?

I wasn’t being completely honest.  And for a good reason (if I do say so myself).  What if I told you that I did learn how to dress better?  What if I wrote down how I’ve totally started accessorizing?  And I have a few more pairs of shoes to my name so now I can wear the appropriate shoes at any given time?  What if I told you I have more than one belt now?  What if I admitted that I feel so much better when I leave the house because I like the way I look and I didn’t agonize over it for hours?

And what if you took one look at me and said, “Really?  That look still needs work, my friend.”

So I subconsciously figured I’d beat you to the punch and just record that I didn’t really learn that much but my heart is in a better place, so there.

Silly, yes.  But true.

So let me clarify things a bit.  Yes, a lot of inner growth happened.  And I’m beyond grateful for the changes that have taken place inside.  But I’ve done a lot of outward changing too.  Nail polish, necklaces, hats, shoes, straight leg jeans, and jackets.  And. I. Love. It.

Watching myself relax when it comes to all things wardrobe related has kept me motivated to continue on this style education.  Having fun with clothing and feeling more confident has added an element to my day that I didn’t expect.  The preoccupation is no longer on myself, but has turned into an enjoyment of my life.


On a Side Note: What to do with that lone earring you are still holding onto


Just stumbled across this fabulous idea for a new necklace.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, I’m not sure which) I don’t lose my earrings so I’m off to track down some lost earrings that can be used instead.

On a Side Note: Back to the 80’s Baby!

I couldn’t resist!  This is a journal of all my style attempts after all.

My sister recently moved and to celebrate her and her husband, we threw an 80’s Prom Night party in their honor.  Think we got it down?


On a Side Note: Spring Break Vacation

It’s time for a break!  I’ll be taking these cuties on an adventure to visit what’s known as the Banana Belt of Washington.  In fact, that’s the reason why we are heading north.  I looked for the warmest spot in the NW and it turns out Sequim is it.  If it’s warmer and dryer then that’s where I want to be.

In the meantime, please visit some of my favorite blogs for a little inspiration.  And I’ll be back next week with updates on my skirt dilemma.

Thanks for reading, friends and see you next week!

On a Side Note…

I’m two weeks into a paleo-type elimination diet.  Two weeks of three months…  The goal is to get to the root of some skin issues I’ve been dealing with.

I can eat a whole lot in just a few categories: meat (beef, pork, chicken, game), seafood, veggies, coconut and avocado.  Removing everything else has me eating all the time and big portions at that!  For someone used to light meals here and there, this has taken some adjustment.  The good news, right off the bat my skin started clearing up – just like that!  And now I can’t wait to get to the end of the three months so that I can start adding food back into my diet – hopefully finding the culprit of my skin woes.

Breakfast has been my favorite meal to prepare so far.  And this morning’s was no different!

  • Spinach sauteed in garlic olive oil
  • Roasted yams
  • Diced turkey
  • Diced avocado
  • Poached egg
  • Salt & pepper

On a Side Note

Thought I would take a break from my stylish pursuits (HA!) and share what I’ve been reading lately.  A few of my favorite blogs right now…

I stumbled across Design Love Fest while looking for something else – happy accident!  Silly, beautiful and smart is the way I would describe Bri Emery.

Just discovered Angela Hardison.  Has she got an eye for color!  When I need a little cheer I head straight over here.  Angela blogs about living, design and food – can’t go wrong with that combo.

For spiritual encouragement, you’ll find me over at Study in Brown.  Tonia has an eye for beauty in the simplest of things, an honest and humble spirit and a peace that is evident.

For a good time and lots of laughs, The Girls with Glasses Show is an absolute must.  Their goofiness is something to behold.

And of course, if I didn’t include a food blog it just wouldn’t be me.  I love the beauty and life-giving nature of Golubka.  Simply inspiring.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

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