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Winter Preparation Begins

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw flocks of geese flying south.  Watching them leave made me feel sad.  Our brief summer is officially over.  The geese are outta here.  But I felt a little bit happy too.  The preparation for winter begins.  It’s time to think about what warm clothing I’ll need this year.

Last year my feet were always cold – I need a better, warmer pair of everyday shoes.  Last year I wanted to adopt the leggings/tunic look and never did – this year I’m going to.  Last year I got by with one beanie to keep my head warm – this year I’m going to start adding to my warm hat collection so I can have a great hat for every look.  This year I want a new warm coat – a colorful one that will cheer me up when the sun goes MIA for a few weeks.

This year long project is drawing to an end.  And I continue to reap the benefits of the work I’ve done for the last 12 months.  I’m excited and looking forward to gearing up my closet for a new season.  I’m thoughtfully shopping online and browsing the stores.  I’m taking notes and not freaking out.  It’s like a fun, strategic challenge I can finally enjoy.

The frustrations I felt a year ago are gone.  I’ve relaxed and let go.  I’ve learned enough about myself, what I like and what I need to be able to move in confidence.

Winter?  Go ahead and bring it!


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6 thoughts on “Winter Preparation Begins

  1. I have been feeling the same way… sad to know the sun is leaving, but excited to bring out my fall & winter wardrobe. I want to expand my beanie collection. I’m looking for the perfect slouch. Do you have any suggestions/websites?

  2. cosmostoomuch on said:

    Aww, we don’t really have winter here we pretty much skip from fall to spring. I miss buying sweaters. Are you knitting/crocheting any of your own hats?

    • Hey Cosmo! I’ve knitted hats for myself in the past but my girls usually snatch them up. This year I’m gonna buy them and NOT share them! 😉

  3. Winter has officially begun here too… I think it must have rained at least 3 feet in the past few days (no exaggeration!)
    I’m happy that you are approaching winter fashion with a cool head and fun attitude – its the way to treat everything in life! 🙂

    I’ve given you the Liebster Award over on my blog!


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