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an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

Learning about style didn’t make me a fashionista

When I started this project I thought as a result, I would become more trendy, more on top of current fashion.  I tested that out a bit but as far as I could get was obsessively following fashion blogs and magazines.  And after obsessively following these blogs, I’d end up in an emotional exhausted heap realizing that I just couldn’t keep up, nor did I really want to.  Since fashion sense doesn’t seem to come naturally and I don’t have the dollars to pay someone to drum it up for me, I could only chase after these things.  At the end all I manged was a lot of comparing myself to others.  That’s it.  I didn’t come close to mastering the arm party and didn’t end up with one pair of ultra-trendy shoes.  Boo.

Trying to be someone else is tiresome.  It took me awhile but I’m grateful I finally figured that one out.  It’s me or nothing, folks.


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2 thoughts on “Learning about style didn’t make me a fashionista

  1. lesismore on said:

    I like “you”! Purple wedges are overrated anyway. 😉

  2. Well it is a good thing that style and fashion are only occasionally connected. You can be absolutely stylish and not at all fashionable. And since your blog is she found style there is no reason to not feeling up on the fashion edge. I personally don’t think trendiness is a good thing though being flexible to allowing some trends to infiltrate your style is important. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I am a fashion designer and I have never heard the term “Arm Party” I just call that stacking. I know what the trends are and I know that I am generally not interested in following them.

    Anyway the point (for me) to fashion is to make people feel fabulous about the way they look. I have a lot better time making other people look fabulous than I do myself. So if you have gotten to a point where you know what makes you look fabulous then that is all you need. I think it is interesting to hear what your expectations of this project were that you didn’t reach.

    P.S. I wanted to mention you on a pinterest pin and I couldn’t find your page it said unauthorized.

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