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Stripes and Sparkles

Way, way back at the beginning of this fun little experiment I shared with you the What Not to Wear concept of “love, like, like“.  I had forgotten about that little lesson until now.  Looking back at my recent outfit photos, I realized I’ve been putting that exact concept into practice – without even noticing.  Guess I’m getting good.  {Or so I’d like to think!}

I love this sequin top.  It’s cozy, oversized and sparkles – what’s not to like?  And the stripes – those are always a winner in my book.  Finally the green pea coat.  Picked that up years ago.  I really liked it but it was always a tad too big.  The sleeves hung down, the body was baggy.  My alterations guy fixed those problems and now the jacket is back in rotation.

Speaking of “love, like, like” – what are you wearing this week that adheres to that concept?  I want to know!


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2 thoughts on “Stripes and Sparkles

  1. “Love, like, like” is such a great concept!!! With at least one item you really love, it’s easy to make so many other pieces work!!!

    You’re doing amazing on your challenge – I love the outfits you’re coming up with!


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