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Seven Months Later and I’m Starting to Get It!

I had a business meeting to attend last week.  But having lived in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years, I’ve lost all idea as to how to dress for certain occasions.  I don’t think people really “dress up” in Portland.  Anyone know what I mean?  Has Portlandia done an episode on this yet?

For this meeting I wanted to “dress up” enough to be taken seriously but not so much to put everyone off.  Now check this out.  Had I attended this business meeting seven months ago, I would have been hard-pressed to figure out what to wear and would have arrived in a pair of jeans and my nicest t-shirt (Portland to the core).  But since venturing out on my quest for style, sifting through my closet for something to wear has gotten – dare I say it – easier and even a tiny bit fun!!  Changing yourself takes time.  It’s taken me seven serious months to feel like I’ve truly learned something and am starting to change.  I feel like I’ve taken something I truly hated dealing with (anything clothing related) and turned it into something I feel confident with (I’m actually beginning to love what I put on!).  I’ve always believed that we can have the things we want – we just need to trust that we can have them and then go and act accordingly.


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4 thoughts on “Seven Months Later and I’m Starting to Get It!

  1. carri3 on said:

    Cute outfit! A very polished yet casual look for a business meeting. 🙂 Yay for progress.

  2. sandrat212 on said:

    Living in the PNW makes dressing tricky. After ten years out east and 7 months back here I am at a loss! I have a closet full of great clothes and have fallen into a rut. Not yet I to the fleece but close to it! You’ve inspired me to dress up more often for whatever the day is – no more excuses!

    • Hey Sandra, Gotta love the PNW, right?! You really have to dress for the elements and it’s so easy to completely replace style with functionality. It’s just too darn tempting to be warm rather than uncomfortable! I’m just glad that spring is around the corner so I can stop wearing my style-less windbreaker everywhere!

  3. eghofseth on said:

    This is my favorite outfit yet, you look amazing in it!

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