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It’s Official: Wear More Skirts and Dresses Today

On the few occasions that I do, and hopefully there will be more, here are a few reasons why I love wearing skirts and dresses:

  • Think Maria from West Side Story, I Feel Pretty.  Right?!  Witty, bright and charming.  Somehow I doubt that’s translated to the rest of the world but it is what’s inside that counts, right?
  • I just discovered a sports saying that goes like this, “Look good, feel good, play good.”  This happens when I dress up my look with a skirt or dress.  I think it’s gonna be my new motto.
  • Since I rarely wear a skirt or dress (I’m working like crazy to change this) right now it’s a total challenge to make a skirt work.  Challenge is difficult.  Difficult things help me grow as a person.  Even though it’s just a silly piece of fabric, it’s become yet another vehicle in self-discovery.  A little ridiculous, a little awesome.

Don’t you agree that there is something special about wearing a skirt or dress?  I’m not totally in left field here, am I?  In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if the world could be changed a bit with a few less pairs of pants in it.  Well that and a whole lot more love (but that’s another blog post, ya think?)

Why do you like wearing skirts or dresses?


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5 thoughts on “It’s Official: Wear More Skirts and Dresses Today

  1. Sarah Jackson on said:

    I love love love wearing dresses and skirts and I think it is the same reason as you, I feel pretty and often feel good about myself. I tend to get brighter colored skirts than the rest of my wardrobe so that could have something to do with it too.

    My challenge with skirts is that I feel they aren’t too practical and I don’t like to clean and do other house work/physical work with them on.

    • Hey Sarah! I agree, skirts can be a bit impractical – especially when chasing toddlers around the house!

      • Sarah Jackson on said:

        Oh yea. thats why I where jeans to church where I work with babies and toddlers. But I still love skirts and wear them to school and around the house. No toddlers for me yet!

  2. LOVE this post. I have some very nice dresses and skirts that don’t get worn enough. I still feel more comfortable in pants, but I always feel pretty and put-together when I do wear a dress or skirt. I’m thinking about challenging myself to ditch the pants for a month, just to break the jeans habit!

  3. I haven’t worn pants since your last post on skirts. And yes, for all the reasons above…but more than that, I’ve realized that femininity of this sort is a kind of protest. Protest against the vulgarity of a hyper-sexualized culture, but also protest against a misguided feminism that says equality with men means *being* a man. Hell no. When I where a dress/skirt I am celebrating the beauty and power of being a WOMAN. I don’t need to be man-like to be equal, powerful, strong. I need to be fully woman. It occurs to me that dresses/skirts are uniquely the province of women around the world and instantly identifiable as female so when I dress that way I am standing in solidarity with all women around the globe. It really hit me when I was shopping Goodwill the other day and there were four of us standing in the skirt aisle, me and three young muslim sisters dressed in head scarves and long skirts: uniquely women. Anyway….sorry for the long diatribe, but I’m truly excited about the potential for prophetic witness available to us as strong, unashamed women!

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