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He Said, She Said: Julia Barbee

I know a funny, slightly eccentric, lovely woman.  She is odd in all the right ways.  Everyone I know adores her.  I especially love her laugh.

I asked her about her sense of style (she is a clothing designer so she should have some sense, right?!).  I loved her response:

I came up with a new statement about my fashion line, and I think it reflects my way of dressing pretty well.

My way of creating is a curatorial practice. I spend most of my time looking, honing my eye, examining nature, technology, people, objects; I collect form, texture, line, color and put together puzzles based on my own frameworks, from the objects I find.

In addition I’d say I keep my wardrobe pretty basic and add one or two accessories to draw the eye to different areas. Sometimes precisely to the place I’m feeling most vulnerable about that day (it’s a great way to get a compliment on something you’re feeling insecure about!).

I just love that last part!  Julia’s honesty is something I appreciate about her most.

*The reason why I didn’t link to Julia’s clothing line.  Good luck, Julia on your new and exciting design adventures!  Like Julia on her Facebook page.


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5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Julia Barbee

  1. I really like Julia’s thought about drawing attention to areas we are not too fond of, I’m definitely going to have to try that.

  2. Here’s a link to my new site! Thanks for the great little blurb Betsy!

  3. Julian on said:

    Julia’s eye for detail is what inspires me the most about her work. Every element she uses is in exactly the right spot.

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