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Black and White Challenge: Four Different Ways

So – at the beginning of this week my sis challenged me to wear the same white t-shirt and black pants every day this week.  But that wasn’t the challenge (wearing the same thing over and over is EASY for me!).  The challenge was to mix up the outfit each day and see just how many looks I could pull together.

I managed to photograph four looks but I bet with more time I could have done at least four more.

I started with a white t-shirt picked up from the Rack along with a brand new pair of black cigarette jeans picked up at Urban Outfitters last week. Everything else paired with the tee and jeans was found in my closet.

Look #1: Tan cardigan + pink scarf + leopard print flats

Look 2: White button up shirt + suede ankle boots

**PS.  I held out for the Steve Madden’s and am so GRATEFUL I didn’t make do with the cheapsters.  These babies are comfy!!**

Look 3: Blue button up + white Jack Purcell’s

Look 4: Brown cardigan + denim button up + scarf + Frye boots

That was so much more easier to do than I expected!  My favorite thing about the black jeans?  They seemed to dress my look up just a tad which, of course, made me feel great.  Which, of course, has more to do with style than the clothes I’m wearing (feeling great, that is…).


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3 thoughts on “Black and White Challenge: Four Different Ways

  1. Cute! I especially love the ones with the leopard print flats and the sneakers.

    • Hey Salazar! I could so see you wearing those outfits too – except that you would add a super-fun accessory piece to make the look yours – I love the way you do that! Thanks for stopping by…

  2. What a great idea 🙂 Love the first look, but they’re all nice and different.

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