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He Said, She Said: Linda @ Little Tin Soldier

Sometimes style isn’t about planning ahead or feeling inspired. It’s about taking what works and wearing it again. -Linda, Little Tin Soldier

Isn’t that the truth?!  I find that when the weather is super cold, wet or windy (oh. all winter on the coast.) I am less inspired than usual to get creative with my closet.  These days it’s all about wearing what I feel best in.  Today (very wet, windy and cold)?  T-shirt and jeans.  Sweater.   Vintage necklace.  Done.  Happy and done.

Now, on with my day!

PS.  One more day to get in on the Miessence Giveaway sponsored by Rainmother!


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One thought on “He Said, She Said: Linda @ Little Tin Soldier

  1. I know what you mean, when its wet and windy outside I don’t feel inspired to dress up or do my hair fancy or anything because I know I’ll step outside and all my efforts will be swept away with one foul gush of wind ha! So for now, a coat, a hat, tights and booties are good enough for me!

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