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EBEW: Black and White

I’m busy.  I’ve got three people in my home that I need to take care of with love.  I’ve got school work and blogs and a business to run and books to read.  I’ve got nutritious food to prepare, a house to keep livable, friends to visit and more books to read…

So, when someone just tells me what to wear and saves me the trouble of figuring it out all on my own, I go for it.

Today over at Everybody, Everywhere the challenge is to put on the black and white duds.  I’m at the point in my style education where I realize black and white needs a little something.  Enter my very cool vintage strand of glass beads.  Mercy, these things are super.  When I enter a shiny room, the walls are instantly covered with tiny little rainbows. Now that’s a great start to any day.

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear


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5 thoughts on “EBEW: Black and White

  1. Love your necklace with this look!

  2. Those beads are definitely cute. I totally take advantage of events like these to not think about what I’m wearing as well :P.

  3. This necklace is gorgeous! Way to work the B&W.

  4. Love that vintage necklace beads. 🙂 And your shoes is so flattering. Love your outfit.

    Cathy@mens scrubs

  5. Great outfit and I love that necklace! I’m visiting from EBEW and would love for you to join my ABC’s of Style challenge at

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