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My Top 5 Style Lessons Learned in 2011

I started my style adventure in the last part of 2011 but I managed to squeeze in a handful of lessons learned (It wasn’t really hard, I have SOOOO much to learn).

  1. It’s all about the accessories.
  2. Dressing up improves my sense of self.
  3. It’s if not fun, it’s not worth it.
  4. The dressing room is not my enemy.
  5. Stepping out of my comfort zone is life-changing.

Let me detail those for ya:

  1. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, belts, headbands.  Just like a sprig of mint completes an entree by adding color, texture and taste so the added touch of a necklace, pair of earrings or belt completes a look, tying everything together.
  2. I used to dress up so others would think well of me.  Now I dress up because of how well I think of myself.  Yes, sweatpants are comfortable and UGG’s are convenient but they don’t exactly make me feel productive.  When I first began this challenge, I lived in sneakers, tank tops and hoodies.  I don’t anymore.
  3. Fun is essential.  And for me, any method of learning can be enjoyable (sooner or later).  However, sometimes it’s hard to head out the door in an outfit I think is fun because someone else might think it’s weird.  But I’ve learned that style is an outward expression of who I am inside.  I’ve got a handful of personality traits that people don’t care for and I’m okay with that, right?  So should it be with the items I put on.  It’s who I am and I wear them for me.  Simple as that.  (Waaaayyyy easier said than done).
  4. Oh Dressing Room, how I used to despise you.  Taking clothes off just to put them back on just to take them off again rooms too warm and making me sweaty clothes that are too big because I am too short clothes that are too small because I am in Forever 21 sales employees hovering outside my door trying to help price tags with numbers too high.  But that has all changed.  The dressing room is where I can experiment and observe and learn.  Before hitting up a dressing room?  Eat well, drink lots of water and bring a good attitude.  This is supposed to be fun!
  5. And the biggest lesson in all of this so far?  The personal growth I’ve experienced in pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I have taken chances, admitted that I didn’t know everything (that’s actually a big one for me), and I’ve asked myself to not give up no matter how silly this whole challenge has seemed.  Whether the motivation is style or world peace, stepping outside of my comfort zone offers challenge and personal growth that I’m proud of.

I’ve got a growing list of things still to learn but looking back only increases my excitement to keep learning.  Here’s to the next year of my style adventure!


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7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Style Lessons Learned in 2011

  1. I agree, accessories can really make the look!

  2. You definitely seem to be moving in the right direction. I agree on all counts…I have learned to dress up for me…not just who sees me! PS…I love how you are rocking those pants? in your English Teacher Style post.

  3. Katie Saso on said:

    Love your blog Betsy! So fun to see you through your style journey. I’m digging your jacket and oversized ring in this photo. I fully agree on accessories. I have not completed my style journey either but find that it’s worth spending more on quality basics that last that I can wear over and over (nice boots, good fitting jeans) and sprucing up the outfit with an inexpensive scarf, earrings or wear-one-season Forever 21 top. And I still shop at Claire’s Boutique for cheap accessories!

  4. Great lessons learned for 2011! I agree 100% that if it’s not fun than it’s worth it, it applies to almost everything and even blogging too 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!

  5. What a lovely post! Very thoughtful and well said. I agree with you completely.

  6. i absolutely love this!! i feel the same way.. being comfortable is great, but the world feels like it’s in the palm of your hands when you feel like you look great!

  7. You know what I need to get over? People staring or what people may think of my outfit. If you’ve got any wisdom on that, please send!! OR write about it

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