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Nice to See You Monday

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The last few days I’ve finally gotten around to contemplating last year.  I started this blog a few months ago and already I’ve done so much. But there is still much more to do!  I haven’t finalized goals for 2012 so I’ll just start with this week (baby steps, it’s all about baby steps).

Must Do:

  • A happy dance.  First things first, right?  Yesterday, we enjoyed the first day of 2012 outside!  On our bikes.  At the beach.  Happy children.  Happy me.  No rain.  No gloom.  No snow.  Nothing but glorious sun.  THAT is the way to start things off.
  • Love, love, love.  It may be a bit overstated but every day I come closer to the realization that the beautiful stylish me (that I’m trying so hard to figure out) is firmly grounded in who I am.  And who I strive to be is a kind and compassionate woman.  Everything else is second.
  • Start officially planning my upcoming San Diego trip for the end of the month.  More happy dancing over here right now at this very second. What do I want to do when I get there?  Sit in the sun and eat.  That’s it.  My two favorite things.
  • Started a new book, How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World.  Already a bit turned off by the author’s overuse of the word “stupid” in the introduction.  But.  Gonna give this a chance.

Maybe Won’t:

  • Or…  I usually know in the first few pages if a book is worth reading.  I just might take it back.
  • Compare myself to others and if I do I’ll try to stop.  Hopefully practice makes perfect here because I find myself with ample opportunity to practice this one!
  • Make my own 2012 calendar.  I’m so cheap that every year I swear I’m gonna make my own supercool calendar instead of paying $30 for one.  And every year I don’t.  Instead I end up with a cheesy free calendar in late February with pictures of waterfalls on it.  This is the direction I’ll be going this year.  I think.

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2 thoughts on “Nice to See You Monday

  1. In love with the 3rd calendar! And of course, with your statement about being a kind and compassionate woman. Because you are, and you shine with it.

  2. Make one of those calendars for me! I just use the one on my phone bc i’m lazy 🙂

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