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English Teacher Style

The other day I had to run a few errands.  And what is better than hanging out at Staples?  Dressing up to hang out at Staples, that’s what.  So I grabbed these green Esprit pants/culottes/?? that have gone unworn since I picked them up at the Bins a few months ago.  Mike was still asleep when I left so I didn’t get his opinion (good thing).

Of course, Holly loved them.  She likes anything unusual.

But when I met up with Mike for dinner that night and bravely asked him what he thought (just to see if I know him as well as I think I do) he stared at me for a few seconds too long and offered this up, “That sweater looks great on you.”  Yup.

Later in the evening Mike confessed that he had a high-school English teacher (of all things) who basically wore the same outfit.  Hey, I had the same English teacher (ten years later and in a different town of course – do they all dress the same?).  Mike’s young high-school disappointment with his English teacher’s wardrobe was that her shapeless skirts left nothing to the imagination.  In fact, just flat-out turned the imagination off.  Oh.  We can’t have that around here, now can we?

These culottes are heading over to my sister’s house were hopefully they like the English teacher look.


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5 thoughts on “English Teacher Style

  1. That is such a bummer about the pants because they look so cute on you. I guess if they are living at my place, you can always borrow them when you are feeling a little teachery. And the pictures look great! I’m loving this adventure of yours. Keep it up.

  2. While definitely funky – they add some serious length to your legs girl, at least that’s what I’m seeing. LOVE the belt with them.

  3. That last picture is freaking amazing! So loved the commentary. I think ALL English teachers dress the same. This outfit reminded me of Dr. Sukalo from English. Do keep in mind, English teachers are always the best dressed… in my mind 🙂

    I am going to have to pin this. I want pants like those.

  4. I think this outfit is funky and adorable. You should have kept the pants! Your husband would come around eventually. 😉

  5. you’re so cute (: i love your outfits!

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