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This is How I Do It: Shopping on a Budget

I love a good find as much as the next person.  I love taking something that someone no longer wants and giving it purpose again.  And I love doing it for next-to-nothing.

Which is why I do most of my wardrobe shopping at the Goodwill Outlet aka The Bins.

It’s taken a bit of getting used to.  You never know what you’ll find. Broken mugs, mysterious smells, dirty socks. I wear gloves, the girls aren’t allowed to touch anything and you have to get into a zone to look through all that mess.

But I’ve also found all of my favorite jeans, unique shoes, a few vintage purses and brand name tops here.  As I scroll through my blog and look at photos, nearly every item I have on was found at the Bins.

You can’t beat $0.89/lb.

Cart full of awesome things = $30

As my brother-in-law likes to point out, “When it comes to fashion, you either have money or you have time.”


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4 thoughts on “This is How I Do It: Shopping on a Budget

  1. Have tried the thift stores over here, but not this. Maybe in the New Year I ought to give it a go?
    P.S You both look amazing, your daughter is so cute, love the striped tights!

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  3. marina on said:

    Are those “the bins” in sellwood? If so, I live right by it!

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