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Jumping Up and Down + a Little Squealing


Yup, this is what I do when I get a piece of surprise mail.  Jump up and down and squeal (sometimes I don’t squeal, I simply “oooooo” and grin like an idiot all the way back into the house).  I LOOOOVE getting mail.  Even as a child, I was always on the lookout for the mailman to deliver our mail.  Opening up the mailbox to find a surprise in it?  Best moment of the day.

So, you can imagine all the squealing and ooooo-ing that happened when I received a package from an overseas friend.

And when I found two awesome headband’s inside?  Super.

The cool thing about the animal print headband is that it’s actually a piece of wire covered by fabric.  So you throw that on your head, give it a twist and it won’t move.  It will hold it’s totally chic shape all day long.

My friend saw this post and thought she’d send me some head gear over to try out.  You bet I’ll be sporting these headbands soon.

PS.  See that adorable gift card?  My friend is not only generous she is talented too!  Check out her gift tags here.



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One thought on “Jumping Up and Down + a Little Squealing

  1. I am the same with mail! I just a package slipping out of my mailbox when I opened it today. It’s from my sister. I’m all excited and can’t wait to open it on Christmas! 🙂
    I love sending mail just as much too!

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