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I Found the Best Jeans in the World Ever

I found THE pair of jeans at the Bins the other day.  And there is only one thing I know about them.

They are totally awesome.

So awesome that I’ve worn them everysingleday for the last seven days (and that’s a conservative estimate).  It’s not that I haven’t had time for laundry (wait, I haven’t).  It’s simply that I no longer want to wear any other pair of anything in my closet.

And every day I wear these I get a compliment from Mike.  Sometimes more than once a day!  Now that’s a good pair of jeans.

What makes me laugh a little is that here I am on this quest for style.  I’m putting skirts on, I’m buying jewelry, I’m searching for a fun pair of shoes. And what really makes me happy?  It’s living in a good pair of jeans.  That’s who I am.  Not sure what that says about me and how exactly to incorporate into the style that I’m after. But I guess that’s what this journey is all about.

PS.  I’d tell you what brand they are but I’m not really sure myself.  The tag says 2.1 Denim and the size is European.  A little bit of research suggests they are manufactured by Forever 21.  Hard to believe because they jeans are actually well made…  Wish I could find myself ten one more pair.


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4 thoughts on “I Found the Best Jeans in the World Ever

  1. What brand are they? And Mike is right, they do look great on you.

  2. Remaining true to yourself is really all that you have. So dress for yourself, what you want and feel comfortbale wearing. If you love jeans, then they are fashionable for you!
    Those jeans do look smashing on you!!

  3. There’s nothing wrong with sparkling up a pair of jeans. Seriously, some of my favorite outfits are a pair of jeans dressed up. It’s been fun watching you on your quest!

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