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Just Re-Work It

It’s been a bit of an uninspiring week.  Thankfully, Stephanie over at Scarves and Styles was kind enough to lend her advice.  She suggested that I stop trying to do something different everyday and instead re-work things that I already have.  I know, I know.  It sounds obvious right?  But People – I’m a beginner here.  Take it easy on me (maybe I should tell that to myself).

So instead of getting all worked up over what fabulous look I would attempt to pull off I simply pulled two of my current favorites.  A super striped tee and a cool diamond patterned sweater.

And I end up accomplishing two things.  #1: I learn something new.  Don’t stress.  Just re-work whatcha got.  AND #2: I make myself happy.  Because what’s better than wearing not one, but two favorite things?!

Done.  I’m back at it.

**That madness in the background?  It’s my life.  I love it.


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One thought on “Just Re-Work It

  1. Wow I’m glad I could be useful! That sweater is awesome! And that advice worked for me too. I’m just starting with the fashion blogging and it can easily become a lot of pressure. 🙂

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