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an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

Challenge Day Three: I’m Done

Day 3 and I’m over it.  If I haven’t worn it in awhile there is a reason for it.  Enough of this trying to revive things – it’s time to clean the closet out.

Today I wore a black skirt that I feel cozy in.  But every time I put it on it just doesn’t feel 100% right.  It’s too heavy for a shortie like me, I think.  Holly – It’s yours.


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2 thoughts on “Challenge Day Three: I’m Done

  1. Nooooo! You can’t give up, you can’t!

    • I wouldn’t consider it “giving up” so much as realizing that this challenge did what it was supposed to do. I feel like this week taught me a lot about why I wear things and why certain items are still hanging in the closet. And I shouldn’t get bothered by what’s still in the closet. I simply need to make better shopping decisions so that I don’t end up with items I never wear.

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