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Nice to See You Monday

Me, Kaia, Elliot and Auntie

Lovin’ it:

  • Running a full three miles in yesterday’s 5k WITHOUT STOPPING! Yee-haw, watch out for me!
  • Sun is out.  Yep, you heard me.  On the Oregon Coast in November, I am seeing sun.
  • Visited CARTM this weekend. Wow, wow and wow. Totally inspired to keep working on becoming a zero waste family.
  • Gonna wear one thing each day this week that I haven’t worn in 2 months or more.  I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing my awesome white shirt every single day.

Not so much:

  • Meal-planning.  I’m so over it.  Can we just eat cereal for every meal instead?
  • Grocery stores. Stop being so un-inspirational.
  • The broken garage door.  Isn’t the whole point of parking in the garage the fact that you don’t have to get out of the car until you are warm and cozy inside?  Getting out of the car to open the garage door before driving inside?  Gotta get that fixed.
  • 11-minute miles.  Is that actually running?  Goal? 9 minute mile please.

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2 thoughts on “Nice to See You Monday

  1. Way to go! I have a love affair with running, and it only gets better with time :o) 10 minute miles are just fine for right now. Cart’m is a gem, it use to be my backyard when we lived in Manzanita and our house is made up of many many cart’m items. You are turning into a genuine “coastie.”

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