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A Style Success – Thanks Madden Girl

I’ve got a little story for you.  A story about success.

Last week I stopped by the shoe store at our local outlet mall.  A quick glance around brought me excitedly to these bad boys (or should I say girls?):

I tried them on, loved their wackiness and took them home.  I pranced around the house in them.  And then I boxed them back up and returned them the next day.

That was a giant success for two reasons.

Normally, I’m so insanely practical.  Don’t forget that eight short weeks ago I felt that I only needed to own a few pair of shoes.  A pair for warm weather, a pair for cold weather.  Done.  The fact that I even considered such an “impractical” pair of shoes shows that I’m beginning to understand how style works for me.

Shoes are a fun accessory and can be a unique personality piece.

Part two? I returned the shoes the next day.  Once I got home and surveyed my closet I realized I was still missing some basic shoes – a black dress shoe and a black boot.  Since I am operating on a very tight budget, the Madden Girl shoes had to go.

Just like with shopping on ebay or craigslist, more-often-than-not another will come along.  There will always be awesome, quirky, funny shoes.  I can pick up a pair another day.

Not to mention we are about to move into our wettest season – it’s gonna rain for the next four-six months.  The only place I’d be able to wear these cuties is to the garage to feed my composting worms.  Not very exciting.

A silly and simple story, I know.  But I’ve come to learn that success should rarely be measured by its wow-factor.


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5 thoughts on “A Style Success – Thanks Madden Girl

  1. Yeah for successes, though I really love those shoes! Good for you Betsy.

  2. Those shoes are incredible…but you are right, they just do not fit with you right now. But, I do think you need more than two pairs of shoes to get by…

  3. Those shoes are amazing! I have a problem with returning things so I give you a vitural high-five for returning them! Maybe once you stock up on your basic shoes, you can go back to these babies! I think I just thought of a million ways to style them.

  4. So fun! Love the shoes 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

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