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Regret and Lesson Learned

Back when I first started this little adventure of mine, I went out and bought a few things just to practice buying cool things.  Does anyone else do this?

I bought this super sweet blazer.

And then I was totally doubting the purchase because the color was so bright and the fit wasn’t perfect.  So I took it back.

And now everywhere I see super hip blazers just like this one!  Nuts.




And last week this awesome how-to-fit-a-blazer tutorial came through on my Reader.  My blazer would been perfect to practice on.

Lesson here?  Go with the gut.  Trust your instinct.  Red blazers are so-dang-cool!


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4 thoughts on “Regret and Lesson Learned

  1. Oh no, that’s sad 😦 But I’ve had similar situations…Maybe you should go on the lookout again for a similar jacket?

  2. bonkasaurus on said:

    I am all about bright colored blazer I have like 5 blazers total. I am always look to add more. My favorite place to get them are at thrift shops! a lot of old women will donate their old church pant suits from the 80s.

    -Bianca at

  3. I hate it when that happens! Oh well just think of it as you were ahead of the game and didnt know it!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

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