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I’m Taking Style Baby Steps

For me?  It’s all about taking style baby steps here.  The scarf?  Adds a dash of personality AND keeps me warm.  If only I had figured this out long ago.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about one of my personality traits: practicality.  I’m proud of this trait and yet it always gets me into trouble.  Some of its most troubling appearances?  When I refuse to buy more than one pair of sneakers – because one pair should suffice, right?  Not anymore!  Or when I run out of closet space (it’s sooo small and I share it with my coat-collecting-husband) and I decide to go all minimalist, clean out my closet and try to get by with only three t-shirts, one sweater and one long-sleeved shirt.  Yes, I really have done that before.  WHAT was I thinking?

To most, it might just be a scarf.  But to me, it’s figuring out how to mesh practicality with style – and duh, it’s totally possible and awesome thankyouverymuch.  Baby steps, I’m telling you.


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3 thoughts on “I’m Taking Style Baby Steps

  1. The yellow bag and the scarf are both cute!

  2. Dawn Hess on said:

    You look fantastic with your cute scarf and plant in hand!

  3. I love this scarf, so adorable on you! -Rachel (Distinct.Style.Innovation)

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