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an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

Week 6 with Pinterest

This week’s favorite finds on Pinterest (gosh, I love that site…).

I’m slowly building this look here.  Knitting the hat right now!  Looking for the baggy sweater…


Trying this look today!  I think I might even practice that awesome sassy look.


Where do I find these shoes?  Cuz I love ’em!

(no link avail)

Saw these awesome fingerless mittens at Nordstroms for $48!  Nah, I’m gonna make my own.


Of all the jewelry organizers I found, this one is the coolest.  I need something to hold my growing collection of accessories!


For the rest of this week’s collection, visit my pinterest.


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3 thoughts on “Week 6 with Pinterest

  1. Love these looks, great inspiration! Jen xoxo

  2. I love that jewelry organizer!

  3. I love the pony hair! Such a fun twist! You should definitely post photos once you try it

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