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an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

Personality Expressed: Personality Pieces with 14 Shades of Grey

So, the style adventure has been established, yes?  I think I’m going on about 5-6 weeks now of collecting information, practice-shopping (am I really the only one who has to do this?), annoyance that I’m thinking about apparel so much and secret delight that I’m actually learning something here. Slowly, slowly, slowly – but surely!

Last week, I wrote about how Beth at B. Jones Style inspires me with her risk-taking.  The girl does it all!  You don’t believe me?  Check this out.  And while you won’t see me donning anything that requires a hefty amount of bravery, Beth’s excitement certainly motivates me to keep pushing myself.

This week, I’m talking about a lovely lady at 14 Shades of Grey.  You’ll notice a completely different sense of style BUT Duc is able to provide a glimpse of her personality, just like Beth.

When I first started following 14 Shades of Grey I liked what I saw – Duc just looks so nice and put-together.  But I didn’t feel like I was learning anything.  Until I started paying attention.  And then I realized Duc likes to add what I call, “personality pieces” to her look by using bursts of color.  A green brooch.  Purple tights. Yellow shoes.  Yes.

Duc’s style has been described as “whimsical vintage” because she likes vintage pieces, but never goes too literal with them.  Now, I don’t know Duc personally but when I find a personality piece on her outfit I always feel happily surprised.  Like something meant to bring delight has been revealed.  I imagine that she has a fabulous sense of humor (witty and sarcastic?) that isn’t always apparent at first glance.  And in this way, Duc is able to communicate her personality through style.  Nice work!

And once again, I’m realizing that who I am can be directly communicated through style.  I’ve actually begun putting these little lessons into use.  But that will be another post, another day.

Now the true test.  Duc, what do you think?!

PS.  Giant thanks to Duc.  First, she was super-quick at getting back to me and second, she was more than generous with her time and suggestions for this post.  You’re awesome.


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