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Dear Diary: Glad that’s over with!

Whoops!  I disappeared for a few days.  Shopping and vacationing and getting inspired makes for a very busy week.  How about a quick recap on all that I learned in the last week or so.

Shopping – While I don’t love it, I’m totally getting the hang of it!  Psyching myself up to try on outfit after outfit really does help.  Remembering that I’m on a journey, not a quick-fix here, helps keep my head down and focused.  “Practice makes perfect” is the understatement of my life right now.

Vacationing – Now that’s something I’m good at.  Favorite place I spent my mornings at: Sips.

Mt Hood is behind me: glorious and gigantic and covered with clouds.

Inspiration – Just got back from a personal growth retreat in Seattle.  The coolest statement I heard all day?  “Successful people form the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”  Want my notes?  Let me know – I’m sharing them.

Today is Halloween (I’m horribly anti-candy for kids so we won’t be participating this time around – I know, I know – so sad for my poor deprived Littles).  And tomorrow the month of November arrives.  So much to learn, so much to explore.  Hope you’ll join me!



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7 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Glad that’s over with!

  1. love the rolled up jeans!

  2. Omg that hair style! Please please post a tutorial!?

  3. Such a cute outfit – perfect for the Fall to stay casual and comfy. I love your braided hair-style too. So pretty.

  4. I love the colors you used here. And I was reading some past posts, your hair is amazing! The color and the fullness are so pretty!

  5. I love your hair! You look absolutely darling!

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