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Personality Expressed: Inspired to Have More Fun with B.Jones Style

Currently I have 51 style/fashion blogs that I am following (and I’m starting to think that’s nothing – how many do you have?).  They’ve all caught my eye for one reason or another.  But as I continue to learn about style in relation to personality, a few bloggers are really standing out above the rest.

Now, I don’t personally know these gals so there is a chance that I’m way off here and their clothing does not speak to who they are in any way (but I really kind of doubt that…).

Beth over at B. Jones Style is the first blogger to catch my eye.  Right away I noticed that while she does allow trend to have influence, she clearly dresses for herself.  She has a quirky style that is silly and irreverent at times and adventurous and bold at others.  Beth seems to march to the beat of her own drum. And I can only imagine that these style traits are also similar to her personality.  I am most inspired by the fun she has with her clothes. 

Beth?  Did I get any of this right?  My style thanks you for the priceless education.

PS. Can I just say, Beth was totally awesome in getting back to my emails quickly and she generously proofed this post before I published it.  Way to make a sister feel a part of the group.  Again, thanks.


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4 thoughts on “Personality Expressed: Inspired to Have More Fun with B.Jones Style

  1. How inspiring is she! Thanks for this post, I love it!

  2. She totally looks like she’s having fun! I have sooooo many blogs I follow. I honestly don’t even know the number – but that’s the best part about it: there’s always another great blog out there to find! Thanks for posting this – I’m about to read more of your blog posts (and hers!).

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