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Dear Diary: The only way to change, is to change

My husband and I are spending four days in Portland without the kids.  The plan?  Spend time with friends, eat lots of happy hour meals (cuz we’re cheap) and shop.  The shopping part is for me.  I’m supposed to be doing this style adventure thingy and the best place to really get into it is by shopping.  Right? Oh boy.

After spending a few hours at the Rack and leaving with nothing but a few pairs of undies, I marvel that I would even attempt to understand style.  Here’s a little inside tip about me.  I am one big extreme.  I want to eat a vegan diet just as much as I believe in the benefit of traditional foods.  I want to work full-time outside of the home just as much as I want to be a stay-at-home-mama.  I want to be in the middle of fashion trends and present a unique style just as much as I absolutely hate shopping and spending money and trying clothes on. I exhaust myself.

But.  My 32nd year is all about doing things differently.  The only way to change, is to change – right?

I spent the evening trying on tops and skirts and shorts and jeans and I didn’t like a single thing.  Well, that’s not true.  I think I lit up when I finally found the plain t-shirt rack.  But I’m trying to do things a touch differently this time around.  So I walked on by.

Standing in the fitting room all I could think of was how badly I wished Stacy London and Clinton Kelly could be there shouting at me and tossing their hair around and shouting about all my bad choices and just telling me what to do!

But, Mike ended the evening by saying he was proud of me for taking more than three items into the fitting room.  And he thought it was great that I was trying to learn a new skill.  And he reminded me that ten years ago I was afraid of cooking and planning meals and swore I couldn’t do it and now?   Now, I’ve got the cooking thing down.

So if I just stick it out and get uncomfortable, then soon I’ll be in a place of comfort.  I’ll understand things like proportion and color and fit and textile and and and.  Soon.  Hopefully real soon because I’m not sure if I can face another fitting room.


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