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Who Am I? How My Personality Helps Define My Style – Part 2

Earlier in the week I considered how my negative personality traits affect my style.  Thank goodness we can change bad habits, right?

Thanks to input from my buddies, I created my positive personality list for today: Creative, Witty, Practical.  Once I had these figured out, it wasn’t hard to see how I can create a style based on these three traits.

Creative – Thank goodness there are so many DIY projects out there.  I’ll never run out of ideas.  On an artistic level, creating calls for originality and to be original requires experimenting, taking risks, pushing the norm.  Okay, that seems a bit scary for me early on in this project.  But who knows?!

Witty – Yes, I do have the ability to insert a funny quip into most conversations.  In fact there is nothing that makes me happier (besides the sun, of course) than making someone laugh with a little silliness or sarcasm.  This trait can be incorporated by inserting a bit of playfulness into my outfits.  A brightly colored belt.  An outrageous necklace.  A pair of eye-catching shoes.  Simply adding something to make me smile.

Practical – This trait can easily fall on the negative side of things if I don’t keep it in check. But it’s a part of me I love so I’ve simply got to “make it work“.  If something is uncomfortable, no matter how cool it is, it just won’t work.  The items I own  need to have purpose – but luckily I consider beauty a worthy purpose, phew! And budget-conscious is the polite way to describe me.  But thanks to my abundance of creativity, this hurdle is easy to cross. What’s important is to remain true to myself but balance my practicality with creativity and wit.

With this information about myself, I see what I am missing in my current state.  I feel inspired.  I feel like finding my style is possible.  I feel ready to take on the fitting rooms!

How did you determine your style?


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