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an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

Monday’s Musing: Following Fashion Trends vs. Finding My Own Unique Style

My usual outfit (I'm only wearing the jewelry because I'm trying to be stylish now...)

Here is where I get tripped up.

I see current fashion.  I think, “Wow.  That’s an amazing look. I wish I could wear that. Those shoes are super.  Oh wait, I would be cold if I wore that. How would I walk the girls to the beach if I wore that?  Those rocks and that sand can be tricky.  I better stick with what I have on.”  The end.  That’s as far as I go.

However, in my short time of thinking endlessly about fashion and style, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been distracted by current fashion.  I see what everyone is wearing and think I’ve got to have that if I want to look good.

What I’m only now learning is that a sense of style is what I need to focus on.  Following fashion trend can come later or not at all even.  But style is Me!  Style represents my personality and when I walk through the door and meet someone for the first time, my style is telling a visual story about who I am.

So the big question is, “Who am I?”  The next big question?  How the heck do I translate that into a belt or a pair of shoes?  That’s all part of this style adventure.


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7 thoughts on “Monday’s Musing: Following Fashion Trends vs. Finding My Own Unique Style

  1. Love it. That’s a great conclusion to come to. Good luck and keep it up.

  2. Nice outfit!

  3. Love your input on fashion and finding the right style for you. I tend to experiment myself and always end up choosing something causal and comfy. I really like this outfit on you, its causal and chic and has just enough accessories to make it interesting. Your hair is beautiful!

    To answer your question about my shirt-dress – this one in particular was purchased at Old Navy a while back in the women section. It was a shirt in regular size and was supposed to be worn as a top for tall women cinched with a belt, but it was long on me so it became a dress 😉 Yes – I think you would look great in one! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I agree. Its tough finding your own style. I don’t like all of the trends that are constantly thrown at you, although I do find that some of them fit into my personal style. I guess it’s just a matter of experimenting & taking note of what you feel good in & then remembering that for your next shopping trip so you can buy something similar.

  5. i say always stick to who you are and then add something from the outside. i think you look just lovely.


  6. You sound a lot like me! My mission is to be stylish- but not trendy. I also want to be reasonable- I’m a mom I run around after my kids all day- I can’t wear 5 inch heels! Come on over and check out my style blog for moms age 35+ who want to look stylish and classic- without spending a fortune!

  7. Great post! You bring out a lot of important points that I’m discovering for myself as well right now. For me, I feel it’s harder to see myself now than it was even 5 or 7 years ago. I’ve got stuck somewhere in my late teens and since all of my clothes from back then still fit, it’s hard to move on and discover how I’ve changed.

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