She Found Style

an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

Two Weeks Down, 50 More to Go

Dear Diary,

Two weeks ago I started my style adventure.

Since then, I’ve thought about myself and my looks non-stop.

I’ve exposed myself to the world (okay, three readers but still) and shared my inexperience and self-consciousness in all things fashion and style.

I’ve made my daughter late to school because I couldn’t find something I love, like, liked.

I’ve talked almost without ceasing about style and personality to anyone around me (poor Mike and Holly).

I’ve begun to fantasize about living in a world with a strict uniform code.

I’ve bravely tackled shopping and bought some clothes just because I thought I was ready and now I need to return them.  No, I’m not ready for a tomato red sports jacket from the 80’s.

And I’ve accidentally Facebooked this blog that was supposed to remain a secret (you know, so I could just quietly give up and quit in a few weeks without anyone knowing).

Yeah, I think I’m ready for more.  How about you?


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5 thoughts on “Two Weeks Down, 50 More to Go

  1. You’d better keep going!

  2. Your blog sounds like fun! Love that blazer you’re wearing! Keep going, mama!

  3. I started my fashion blog about a month ago. It’s been an adventure to say the least. Good luck with your blog. Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

  4. Fantastic for fall

    xo leslie

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