She Found Style

an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

On Our Way to the Dentist

Here is another attempt at my “love, like, like” goal for this week.

Love the jacket because it’s super casual with a tailored look.  Found the belt at a thrift store and have never figured out how to wear it (oh yeah, I’m that clueless).  Today’s debut is a huge step for me (Accessorizing?  What the heck?!)  The button-up shirt – so comfy and cozy.  It goes as well with this outfit as it does with a pair of leggings and boots.  I was about to toss the jeans because they were too short.  Seriously.  At 4′ 11″, I’ve never met a pair of pants too short for me.  BUT I let out the hem and now they are awesome and great!  My excellent, super-stylish sister Holly picked up the Dr. Marten shoes for me at Buffalo Exchange for $20.

My lovely photo assistant and I spent a few minutes on top of our parking garage before heading to her dentist appointment.  Found out she has two wiggly teeth just waiting to fall out!!

Looking pretty with my even prettier photo assistant!

Roof Top View Looking North

Roof Top View Looking South


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