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I’m Still Love, Like, Liking It

I followed the “love, like, like” rule today and it worked (I think).  Love the jacket, like the shirt, like the pants and the shoes (even though my toes were a little chilly today).

While I liked everything I wore today and I was certainly comfortable, I think I have a long way to go.  It seems like something is missing – any suggestions on what that might be?


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7 thoughts on “I’m Still Love, Like, Liking It

  1. Cute outfit – you certainly look comfortable! I reckon i’d add just a few pieces of jewellery – earrings, a long necklace and maybe a cute scarf?

  2. I think it needs either some long/big earrings or a long necklace (maybe gold). I feel like it is good it just needs some accessories. Cute though.

  3. Love those flats! This is my kinda outfit…comfy yet chic and stylish.

  4. meagan on said:

    I think this is definitely a great look. I love that jacket and the t-shirt. I think a necklace might help but overall, I really like it. I’ve never heard of the love/like rule. I always try to make sure I love everything I wear!

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