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Monday’s Musing: I Love, Like, Like You

My first attempt at Love, Like, Like

**Every Monday, I’m posting a style rule to follow for the rest of the week (or attempt to follow, that is)**

Many evenings, Mike and I sit down and watch What Not To Wear, a TV show meant to help bad dressers dress better.  It has my name written all over it, right?

A recent episode featured Ebony, a woman who had a closet full of mismatched pieces that she didn’t care much about. Yeah, I could relate.

When Stacy and Clinton took Ebony shopping they soon realized that she was picking out ho-hum items.  Ebony didn’t care whether she liked the skirt she grabbed, she simply picked it because she thought it might work.  WRONG!

Ebony was quickly informed that she should be pulling pieces that she loved. Picking items that really caught her eye and made her happy.  And then from there, Ebony was to build an outfit with a few more items that she liked.

Thus, “Love, Like, Like” was born.  Pick out an item you Love and pair it with items that, if you don’t love them, you really like them.

Now when I stand in front of my closet, I feel a little more hopeful.  Maybe I can do this…


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