She Found Style

an attempt to discover my sense of style in one year and learning more about myself than I ever imagined along the way

This mama needs some style…or something

Despite what my well-meaning friends and family say, this lady is lacking in the style department. I second-guess half of the things I wear and am completely bored with the other half.  I don’t really understand what makes a person look great and have no idea how to communicate my personality with the clothes I choose to wear.

And fashion?  A whole chapter in itself. Why are people so excited about neon making a comeback? Remind me what is so great about pleated skirts? And the shoes?  I can’t see past the blisters to appreciate the beauty. 

Yeah.  Definitely missing something here.

Oh, and did I mention that I only own three pairs of jeans?

I think it’s time to change.


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2 thoughts on “This mama needs some style…or something

  1. Love the concept of your blog! I am not one to follow trends religiously, but I get inspired by certain things around me and use that to put a twist on my own style. It has changed significantly throughout the years as I’ve matured and experimented with all kinds of trends. Good luck in your endeavors!! 🙂


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